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You are going to see

  • checkHow To Create a New Project In TIA Portal V15.1
  • checkHow To Insert PLC, HMI and VFD into the Project
  • checkPLC Datatypes
  • checkPLC Programming Fundamentals and How to Create The PLC Logic
  • checkCompiling, Simulating and Downloading the PLC Program
  • checkArchiving and Retrieving of Project

With This Training, Students Will Enjoy Success & Create BEST Program of PLC, Understanding More Concepts, More Methods & More Logic Tricks.

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Module-1 : Creation of a New Project of PLC

Totally Integrated Automation - Version 15.1 is the latest software of SIEMENS.
Here we create one Project from basic.

Module-2 : Insertion of PLC Hardware into the Project

There are multiple hardware like PLC, HMI, VFD, SCADA that can be inserted into one Project.
Here we insert one PLC hardware into our Project and see how it looks like.

Module-3 : Useful Datatypes of PLC Tags

In Automation, there are so many datatypes are used to develop one PLC Project.
Here we understand most useful and widely used datatypes of PLC.

Module-4 : Useful Programming Fundamentals and Concepts of PLC

To develop one PLC Project, you need to aware of some useful concepts.
Here we know about the widely used concepts of PLC Programming and its usage.

Module-5 : How to Compile, Simulate & Download the Program of PLC

After developing the Program of PLC, Program need to be tested whether it is correct or not.
For that, here we test our developed PLC program by generating real conditions in Running mode.

Module-6 : How to Archive and Retrieve of PLC Project

After finalizing one Project, there are some methods to save that project in safer way.
Here we see the methods of zipping and unzipping our project to store and to reuse it again and why this methods are required.

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